The Tour Guide Academy

A sales-driven website promoted via social media

A comprehensive user journey research and information architecture development to boost an online presence for a new company.

Toonie Tours in Vancouver, BC run by a group of talented entrepreneurs is a mother company for The Tour Guide Academy (TGA) and Students Tours. I've been trusted to work in the roles of UX researcher, web designer, web developer and graphic designer.


  • UX: research, usefflow, wireframes, mockups
  • UI for web/mobile: style guide, photo editing
  • UI for print: brochure, flyer


Affinity Photo

Affinity Designer

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Google Analytics

Tag Manager


My Accomplishments

Research and visual concepts

In collaboration with a company marketing analyst, I studied the audience, developed a user journey and adjusted information architecture accordingly. Along the way, I came up with a few visual concepts and eventually crafted a design guide.

Website built with Wordpress

The client has had a high level of proficiency in using WordPress so an appropriate CMS was used for the project. Integration with booking tools and Mailchimp has been accomplished.

I have an excellent understanding of how WordPress works and how to achieve maximum performance including SEO, accessibility and fast webpage loading. For instance, I developed my own light and fast plugin to connect Google Analytics with the WordPress website.

Faster performance and accessibility

While working on a new or existing website, I'm using a wide range of techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility and performance optimization in order to ensure compliance with modern web standards.

To measure the results I'm using Google Lighthouse. You can estimate your own website's performance by visiting Google website >

This is real data collected from a live website of this particular project.


I've crafted a wide range of promotion materials for TGA. This included a brochure about Students Tours, a flyer and social media ads.

'Alex created our new website for The Tour Guide Academy. He was very well prepared to advise us on functionality and design to get the most out of our online presence. Alex was readily available to answer questions and to deliver on our requests. We really enjoyed working with Alex and expect to do more business with him in the future.'

Nathan Murdoch
General Manager @ Toonie Tours